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Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting
by Vancouvers Best Painters

Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting

You're standing there in your Vancouver kitchen staring at your kitchen cabinets and wondering to yourself: Is it cheaper to paint this cabinetry or to replace them? Will painting them make them look cheap, will I see brush and roller marks? If the kitchen cabinets get painted, will they be sprayed, and if so, on or off site? Do I have to remove all the food from the cabinets first or should I have a party and everyone eats all the food so that I don't have to remove it...but actually, I do have to move the food to feed the people at the party..so maybe I won't get the cabinets painted because I don't want to have a party. Then you realize your head hurts and your mind is wandering.

You go on to ask yourself..."will the kitchen cabinets get sprayed with a lacquer or painted with 'regular paint'" or "Maybe I should just buy new kitchen cabinets" you say to yourself..but surely the painting of kitchen cabinetry is cheaper than purchasing new kitchen cabinets...which you suspect runs well over five grand.

Vancouver's Best Painters is here to tell you that you are correct, painting kitchen cabinets is much cheaper than buying new cabinetry. And the quality of the finish is excellent as well. Whether you go for the painted look or the lacquer look, your kitchen cabinets are going to look infinitely better than they presently do….and that in and of itself is worth the price of admission.

Please call Vancouver's Best Painters at 604-PAINTER 604-724-6837 for a free, no obligation consultation if and when you are considering painting and or replacing your kitchen cabinets. We have been painting kitchen cabinets in the Vancouver area for 27 years.


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